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E-BANKING, e-banking offered by Podgorička banka, is a financial service which enables the user (owner of the account or authorized person) to use the funds on the account whenever and wherever needed, regardless of the working hours and anywhere in the world. Whether you’re in your office, on a trip or at home, you can pay whatever you wantby using E-BANKING and you can check the balance on your account on your computer with top security provided.

Target clients

E-BANKING is intended for all corporate clients who have the account with Podgorička banka.

Advantages of E-BANKING

  • Possibility of direct international payments with the appropriate documentation
  • Overview of the accounts’ balances and receipt of daily account statements
  • Receiving the reports by SMS and e-mail
  • Multiple payment control by more users within one legal entity
  • Automatic booking of statements received through e-banking applications
  • Multi-banking – overview of the accounts which the company has in other banks in Montenegro and possibility to make payments from those accounts

What is needed for the use of E-BANKING?

  • You need to have an account with Podgorička banka
  • You need to have a computer with Internet connection and WEB browser Internet explorer 5.5 (or upgraded version)


Useful information

For more information and support regarding the use of E-BANKING, you can contact us and send an e-mail to bo.ebanking@socgen.com or you can visit the Account Officers in any branch of Podgorička banka.  


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