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In modern business, it is necessary for each company to find the best ways of managing their finance. That is why Podgorička banka offers to legal persons the possibility to deposit their funds with the bank:

  • as demand deposits or
  • as term deposits

Demand deposits

Even though you have a demand deposit you can use your funds when needed. Your account will generate income on those funds in accordance with the business policy of the bank.

Term deposits

As a legal person you may place your funds as a term deposit and you will have higher interest rates than for demand deposits, which depends on the current situation in the market, deposit amount, your relationship with Podgorička banka and the bank’s interest rate policy.

To establish a term deposit, you need to express or submit the request specifying the amount to be deposited and term requirements.

When the term deposit expires, the deposit will be increased by the agreed interest amount and, in accordance with your contract, be either transferred to some of your other accounts or renewed.  


Deposit Protection Fund
Podgorička banka is a member of Deposit Protection Fund. 

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