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Mastercard Debit sticker

Mastercard Debit card is a means of contactless payment at all sail or service points in the country that have POS devices for contactless payment. It allows you to pay amounts to 25€ in a simple way, without entering a PIN. Just set the card close to the POS terminal that supports contactless payment and the transaction is over in few seconds.

You must own Mastercard Debit card to have a sticker. As a new product, sticker is provided with the reissue of Mastercard Debit card.

How to use

The sticker itself has self-adhesive strip that allows the sticker to be pasted to the item that is always or often at your hand: mobile phone, key ring...  


With sticker you can:

  • Pay as with Mastercard Debit card

  • Take cash and contactless POS terminals of our Bank, without charge;

  • Make transactions up to 25€ in Montenegro without entering PIN;


  • Taking cash at ATMs is not possible with stickers: 

Abuse protection

To the holder of this stickers, the Bank has provided free accident insurance and insurance against loss and theft. More details on this insurance can be found in letter and contitions for our clients.


Issuing of additional card

The account holder with a Mastercard Debit card may be issued up to two additional stickers. This makes the use of your funds easier for members of your family, your children.  Additional stickers are issued upon request of the primary cardholder in favour of other natural person, and all transactions done through additional cards will be charged to the primary cardholder. 


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