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MasterCard La Rata
Mastercard La Rata

In its various assortment of card products Podgorička banka has the contactless credit card La Rata belongs to Mastercard family of cards.

La Rata is international contactless credit card which allows payment in instalments of amounts spent on posts of sale in the country and abroad, without interest calculation.

Target clients

Mastercard La Rata is intended to all clients whose regular income is paid to the accounts with Podgorička banka and to all clients who have deposits in our bank. 


With MasterCard La Rata card you can:

  • You pay in instalments for the products and services bought in the country and abroad; 
  • No interest in case of regular instalment payment;
  • No fees on posts of sale with which the bank has concluded the agreement; 
  • You receive the purchased products immediately and the first instalment is due on the last date of the month in which the purchase is made. 

If you would like to have this card you may find the form here.

Podgorička banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of Mastercard and VISA, even greater security in transactions on the Internet through a new system of data verification "3D Secure".

The advantages of this system are safe transfer of payment information when performing online purchases, with the participation of the buyer in the transaction payment, as well as control of unauthorized use of the card. More


At the point of sales with which the bank has signed a contract on the acceptance of La rata card, the number of installments is defined in accordance with the agreement with the point of sale.

With the merchants with whom the bank does not conclude the agreement, at the internet or in case of cash withdrawal at the ATM the amount is divided automatically:

Amount (in EUR)

No of installments

0,01 - 20

Divison in installments is not applicable

20,01 - 50


50,01 - 100


100,01 - 200


200,01 - 600


600,01 - 1.200


1.200,01 - ~



For easier memory, you can change fast and simply the PIN of your card on our ATMs. Choose the number combination that suits you best and follow the instructions for PIN change of ATM screen. This service will cost you only 1 Euro. 

Collaterals for card credit limit

- Blank bill of exchange 

- Administrative prohibition against the Loan Beneficiary / Approval for account debiting

- Standing order

Other collateral instruments

- Endorsers – administrative ban, bill of exchange and authorization bill 

- Deposit (Agreement on term deposit is mandatory)

Issuing additional card

At the request of the account user which has its own  Mastercard La Rata card additional cards can be issued . This may facilitate the disposal of assets to family members, children, students, etc. All transactions relating to the use of additional cards are charged to the owner of the basic Mastercard La Rata card. 


If you want to know the price terms of products and services, see the tariffs.

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