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With contactless cards of Podgorička banka cards you don’t need cash. You can use them to pay for the products and services and withdraw cash from ATMs in the country and abroad.

The bank offers a large number of VISA International and MasterCard cards – depending on your needs you can choose one or more debit and credit cards that fit you best.

The cards of Podgorička banka are chip cards with maximum security guaranteed.

The basic advantages of using the cards of our bank are presented below:

  • Fast and simple payment of your obligations at the points of sale in the country and abroad without having to take money with you;
  • account balance check on ATMs of our bank;
  • cash withdrawal from ATMs;
  • possibility to buy online, book your trips, hotels, flight tickets;
  • no need for currency conversion when paying abroad;
  • cards of Podgorička banka are chip cards with maximum security guaranteed;
  • all cards in offer are contactless.

Podgorička banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of MasterCard and VISA,  even greater security in transactions on the Internet through a new system of data verification "3D Secure".

The advantages of this system are safe transfer of payment information when performing online purchases, with the participation of the buyer in the transaction payment, as well as control of unauthorized use of the card. More

For all users of our payment cards, we provide a gift:

  • Insurance against loss or theft of credit cards,
  • Insurance against accidents.
For easier memory, you can change fast and simply the PIN of your card on our ATMs. Choose the number combination that suits you best and follow the instructions for PIN change of ATM screen. This service will cost you only 1 Euro


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