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Mastercard Gold Debit

Podgorička banka offers Mastercard Gold Debit contactless card that you can use for the payment of goods and services at all points of sale with the Mastercard logo and for cash withdrawals at ATMs in the country and abroad.

This elite card offers a series of other advantages that will certainly please you. 

Who is it intended for?

Mastercard Gold Debit contactless card is intended for the holders of transactional accounts with our Bank, and to all non-residents with permanent residence in Montenegro. 


You can use Mastercard Gold Debit card to:

  • Pay for goods and services fast and easy at POS terminals in stores and withdraw cash at ATMs in the country and abroad;
  • Withdraw cash without a fee within the ATM network of Podgorička banka;
  • Check your account balance at ATMs of our Bank;
  • Contactless payment;
  • Buy online. 

If you would like to have this card you may find the form here.

Podgorička banka has provided to its customers, cardholders of Mastercard and VISA,  even greater security in transactions on the Internet through a new system of data verification "3D Secure".

The advantages of this system are safe transfer of payment information when performing online purchases, with the participation of the buyer in the transaction payment, as well as control of unauthorized use of the card. More

The Bank provides free accident insurance and card loss or theft insurance for the cardholders. For more details about the insurance, please see letter and terms and conditions for our clients.

Each Mastercard Gold Debit cardholder also has free access to Business Club at the Nikola Tesla Airport in Belgrade and SKY and JET lounges at the Vienna and at Sarajevo airport, including free food and drink consumption, free Wi-Fi and plenty of other benefits that you may find here. To use these services, it is sufficient to show your MasterCard Gold card and valid boarding pass.

For Mastercard Gold cardholders, Mastercard has prepared an application for IOS and Android mobile phones by which you can identify various discounts available to users of Mastercard premium cards.

For easier memory, you can change fast and simply the PIN of your card on our ATMs. Choose the number combination that suits you best and follow the instructions for PIN change on ATM screen. This service will cost you only 1 Euro. 


Issuing of additional card

The account holder with a Mastercard Gold Debit card may be issued up to two additional cards. This makes the use of your funds easier for members of your family, your children, students abroad, etc.  Additional cards are issued upon request of the primary cardholder in favour of other natural person, and all transactions done through additional cards will be charged to the primary cardholder. 


If you want to know the price terms of products and services, see the tariffs.

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