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In the Space for Art the exhibition of Ana Miljkovac artworks was opened

In the Space for Art in Head Office of Podgorička banka was opened the exhibition of the artist Ana Miljkovac. Original works, inspired by her thoughts on partnership relations. Concluding that they may be complicated sometimes, even difficult, and after years together we deserve to be honoured. This is why the exhibition was named “medal for her and him”. The majority of pieces was done by small ceramic parts applied to the canvas.  


Doc. Dr Ana Miljkovac was born on 17th June 1967 in Niksic where she finished primary and secondary school. She studied Pedagogic Academy in Niksic (department for Art) and graduated in 1987. The same year she started studies of Academy of Art in Sarajevo, statuary department. Afterwards, she moved to the Faculty of Art on Cetinje in 1989/90. She graduated in 1992 in the class of Professor Pavle Pajovic with average mark 9.04 and mark 10 on her graduating exam. 
She is the member of ULUCG since 1998.
In April 2003 she had her master thesis: “Pedestal and sculpture – really imaginary relation” with mark 10, Professor Pavle Pejović.
She got her PhD in 2013 on Scene Art of Faculty of Art and design in Belgrade with a mentor professor Milos Sobajic having the title: ”Ana Miljkovac from 1997 to Smilja Bosiljcic from 2009 to 2011 art project”.
She has co-authored five textbooks and five teacher manuals.
She works as a lecturer at the Faculty of Philosophy in Niksic.

Independent exhibitions:
-    1998 - exhibition of sculpture, gallery ''Stari grad'' – Kotor
-    1999 - exhibition of installation ''Šta je moglo biti manje moguće'' – gallery Dom omladine Budo Tomovic – Podgorica
-    1999 – installation ''Centar'' gallery ''Stari grad'' – Kotor
-    1999 exhibition of sculpture, gallery ''Nikola I '' – Nikšić 
-    2000 installation''Kuća čudnih duša'', railway Niksic-Podgorica
-    2004 installation ''Perpetuum mobile'' on Faculty of Law in Podgorica
-    2006 - installation ''Obrnuto stajanje'' in gallery Kusle kuca in Podgorica
-    2007 - ,,Jedan mali prozor za nas“ Gallery of culture centre Kotor
-    2008 - exhibition ,,Savršen pejzaž i nije ga briga za moju patnju zbog vremena``, Perjanički dom- Podgorica
-    2009 projection of video ,,Dobrodošli u kafic IN na večeru u podne'' - Perjanicki dom, Podgorica.
-    2010 Exhibition ,,Smilja Bosiljčić, born in 367.“  in Castle Petrovic, in Museum of non-aligned-  Podgorica
-    2012 – PhD exhibition ,, Luđilo „ gallery 73.- Beograd
-    2013 Retrospective exhibition, Perjanicki dom, Podgorica.
-    2013 exhibition, Institut 2013“ made of three installation, Institute of Ferrous Metallurgy - Nikšić

-    First prize for sculpture FLU Cetinje 1992. godine
-    First prize for sculpture, fair of art Drap – Art in Barcelona 1999 
-    Award for Montenegrin souvenir in the competition announced by two ministries: Ministry of Culture and Media and Ministry of Tourism in 2005
-    First prize for sculpture on Podgorica Art showroom in 2006.

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