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Legal regulation

Access to this web site and its data may be subject to below mentioned conditions and provisions adopted on 29.10.2008.


Head Office: Bulevar Revolucije br. 17, 81 000 Podgorica, Crna Gora

Terms of use

All information available on this web site is for information purpose only and may not be used in commercial purposes or be distributed to third parties.

Information published on this web site by Podgorička banka is considered to be accurate and reliable at the time of their entry, however, Podgorička banka does not guarantee correctness, accuracy or reliability of any information on the web site. Podgorička banka may, at any time, update current information or add new one on the web site without prior notice.

Podgorička banka continuously controls and updates information on its web site. Despite its concern, it is possible that in the meanwhile information has changed. Therefore we shall not assume any liability or responsibility for update, accuracy and completeness of information.

Although reasonable precocious measures have been undertaken for creation of this web site, please note that they are not intended and should not be used or referred to for any transaction conducted within Podgorička banka.
Podgorička banka shall not assume any liability for content of these web pages, nor their usage and shall not assume any liability that might derive from content of this web site. Those interested in any product or service of Podgorička banka presented on this web site, must contact Podgorička banka to inquire on all terms and conditions and compensations regarding certain product or service.

Please be aware that sending an e-mail may be insecure and subjected to unauthorized access by third parties or wrong delivery. Every message received by e-mail shall be deemed insecure; therefore Podgorička banka shall not assume any liability for safety and confidentiality of these messages.


You agree to use web site of Podgorička banka on your own risk. Podgorička banka shall not assume any liability for any damage or loss of information that might occur while using Podgorička banka web site or services and software located on this web site. Podgorička banka shall not assume any liability for any special, indirect or consequential damage or any damage deriving from usage of this web site and its content or unavailability.

Connecting to a third location – links

Links on this web site will enable you to exit from pages of Podgorička banka. Linked sites are not under Podgorička banka control and Podgorička banka shall not assume any liability for content of any linked site, or any amendment or update of these web sites. Podgorička banka provides these links for your conveniences. The inclusion of any link does not implicate support of this link by Podgorička banka.


All elements of this web site are copyright protected and they are property of Société Générale Group and Podgorička banka. Rights are reserved regarding copyrights of third parties.

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