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Advices for safe usage of electronic channels

Having in mind the significant increase in hacking activity since the start of the corona virus pandemic, and with the target on  predominantly digital users, Crnogorska komercijalna banka  (CKB) and Podgoricka banka (PDB), members of the OTP Group, are advising its clients to be more cautious when using their data online.

Users of electronic and mobile banking services around the world most often receive malicious e-mails with instructions to activate an account, change their password, or update their user information. Several users of the CKB GO service received e-mail with similar content and the information that they needed to renew their account by clicking on the link sent within this fake e-mail. 

Do not react on this kind of fake e-mail if you receive it. 

Banks would never ask their clients to undertake any of this type of customers identification  by e-mail, SMS or telephone. 

If by chance any of our clients reacted on this e-mail, it is needed to contact the Call Center at 19894 (CKB) or 19900 (PDB). After calling the Call Center, please report the false sender to the National Computer Incident Response Team as well as to the Personal Data Protection Agency.


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