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Podgorička banka is a modern and dynamic financial institution which provides a wide range of banking services through its branch network to individuals and legal entities.  

The Bank provides its clients with the highest quality banking services, based on OTP Group standards. Being a client-oriented bank, it has significantly increased its market share, which proves a high level of confidence of the clients. 
The Bank won several international and national awards and acknowledgements.  

The goal of the bank is to continue to work towards solving its clients’  and business partners' requests  in the best possible manner and to be the leader in new trends in Montenegrin banking.



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Currency exchange list

  • val. unit. Srednji change
  • CHF 1 1.0715
  • GBP 1 0.9068
  • USD 1 1.1856
  • rate 6m. 3m.
  • EURIBOR -0.5 -0.51